​​Representative ​​Pathway

The schools representative pathways is an excellent opportunity for students to be involved and be recognised for their achievements in their choosen sport. St John's College Nambour is part of the North District and regularly offers opportunities for students to explore their potential.

Please note the school does not allocate a school representative unless advised, trials are managed and run by the North District and Sunshine Coast Regional Office. 


School Level (Interschool competitions ie. netball, rugby, football, etc.)

District Level (trials/nominations to North District Coordinators)

Regional Level (selection at Regional Trials Day)

State Level

National Level


Nomination Process For District Trials

- Check calendar and notices for upcoming trials

- Completed forms include "North District Trial Permission", "Code of Conduct" and "Project Consent (media release)"

- Return and signed to Mr Calvo in person

- Attend set trial


Nomination Process For Regional Trials Day: (please note attendance at regional trials is dependant on selection at district level, unless advised otherwise)

- Check calendar and notices for upcoming regional trials day

- Completed forms include "SCRSS Regional Trials Permission""Code of Conduct" and "Project Consent (media release)"​

- Return and signed to Mr Calvo in person

- Receive approval and confirmation

- Attend trial​

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