Learning and Teaching Vision

Learning and Teaching Vision

St John's College Learning and Teaching Vision

 Learning and Teaching in the College community embraces the school's vision and mission statements, the Brisbane Catholic Education Learning Framework, Queensland Statutory Authority documents, the Australian Curriculum (ACARA), and in accordance with relevant regulatory bodies and the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Declaration goals of (1) promoting excellence and equity and (2) developing confident and creative individuals, successful lifelong learners, and active and informed members of the community.  The College Learning and Teaching Vision, whilst incorporating all of the above, is based on being extraordinary.​

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Learners are TRANSFORMED through their learning, moving from dependent to independent learners who are actively involved in setting goals to achieve their desired outcome.  As lifelong learners they will confidently go on to transform their world with compassion and thoughtfulness through example, service and leadership.


Learning creates independent, critical thinkers who practice deep REFLECTIVE thinking, who respond positively to all challenges, who set high standards for themselves and who reflect critically on learning and living as reflective spiritual beings.


Through all learning and teaching activities, our community seeks INCLUSIVE ways to actively accept all members of our community, being welcoming of others, embracing differentiation, supporting others, being flexible and accepting of change, showing empathy and valuing effort and achievement.


Teachers and students are COLLABORATIVELY supported by our community members as they continue to challenge themselves to broaden their own learning. Collaborative input is valued from all community members as best practice is shared throughout the community to develop strong partnerships among parents, teachers and students and technology is used to reinforce our connections with our parish and local and global communities.


Our community designs active, creative and dynamic learning environments to ENGAGE our students and adapt to their ever-changing needs using a multitude of strategies and ICLTs.


School's Vision and Mission Statements


St John's College is a Catholic learning community established by the Good Samaritan Sisters in the Benedictine Tradition.  In a spirit of faith, hope and love, we strive to develop confident, reflective and compassionate young people who are committed to transforming our world through example, service and leadership.


St John's College, in collaboration with parents and carers:

  • provides a Christian-based education in the Catholic tradition and develops a community of faith and learning that is open and inclusive of other faiths and cultural traditions.
  • is committed to a holistic curriculum which promotes the integration of faith, life and culture.
  • endeavours to provide a quality education that is equitable and strives to engender the creativity, initiative and ability of each student.
  • aims to stimulate a culture of learning that is life-giving and life-long.
  • is willing to engage with social justice, moral, environmental and political issues with a special concern for those on the margins of society.
  • cultivates right relationships through the hospitality of heart and place.


Brisbane Catholic Education Learning Framework and Education Model of Pedagogy

 ​The Good Samaritan Schools Teaching and Learning Framework discusses valuing:

  • an academic environment at the forefront of modern educational development.
  • a love of learning.
  • a holistic view of education.
  • respect for individual differences.
  • the integration of life and faith and wise stewardship.
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