College Prayer

Our College Prayer

 As one, we pray that God’s love and the Good Samaritan values live and thrive in our staff, our students, our parents and our friends.

Help us to walk as people of welcome.

Help us to listen with the ear of the heart.

Help us to go and be neighbour to all.

May our hearts be moved with compassion to commit ourselves to others.

May our actions be as one Catholic community.

May our minds be filled with the wisdom of deep learning.

And in the spirit of faith, hope and love, we continue on our journey to

Unbind and Set Free.


© Brisbane Catholic Education, St John's College (1986)


Our College Song

“Unbind & Set Free”   

 Unbind and set free.

Create a world where we

Lift a soul and let it soar to all that it can be,

Unbind and set free.


From the top of the hill with a view to forever

With a view to change the world, all our dreams together,

I can hear a voice calling out to me

Calling to all those in our community.

Unbind and set free.


Words by which we agree

To live our faith in action for all the world to see

Caring selflessly.

Doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way

Lighting so many candles with just one special flame.

I can feel a fire rising up within me

Making the difference in our community. 

Unbind and set free.

© Brisbane Catholic Education, St John's College (2007)


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