Meet the 2022 School Captains

​​​​​​​​St John's College is proud to introduce our School Captains for 2022.  Harley Cushan, Jarva Efendi, Pippa James and Mackenzie Woodward will be continuing to lead the St John's story for a new year while maintaining the legacy established by the Good Samaritan Sisters over 80 years ago.  This year our Captains have the challenge of incorporating and inspiring their peers to live a life based on the theme of 'Peace' from the charism of the Good Samaritan Sisters. 

Our captains are very keen to make the most of this year, and with the rest of the cohort, to continue to maintain the inclusiveness and compassion that makes their school community so strong and welcoming. 

“We're looking forward to giving back to a community that has provided us with so many priceless experiences and opportunities since we began high school at St John's."

Explore, transform and create your story at St John's College.


         Harley Cushan                     Jarva Efendi                          Pippa James                       Mackenzie Woodward     

Harley Cushan.jpg  Jarva Efendi.jpg  Pippa James.jpg  Mackenzie Woodward.png

Student Representative Captains

        Haley Willington                    Pippa James

 Willington Haley.jpg  Pippa James.jpg

Pastoral Captains

          Harley Cushan                      Tehya Kalz                                Lisa Roy

 Harley Cushan.jpg​  Kalz.jpg  Roy.jpg

Sports Captains

            Kiera Dunbar                       Lachlan Back

  Dunbar.jpg  Back.jpg

Prayer and Ritual Captains

         Jazmin O'Leary                  Taleeha Bernhagen

 Oleary.jpg  bernhagen.jpg

Arts Captains

           Eden Carnell                      Tristan Pinna              

 Carnell.jpg  Pinna.jpg

Publicity and Magazine Captain

           Max Adams                         Lachlan Ross

 Adams.jpg  Ross.jpg

Stewardship and Culture Captains

       Demi Baird                          Lilly-Rose Grabbe

 Baird.jpg  Grabbe.jpg

Social Action Captains​

         Jarva Efendi                         Sophie O'Brien

 Jarva Efendi.jpg  Obrien.jpg

Academic Captains

      Charlotte McDermott        Mackenzie Woodward

 McDermott.jpg  Mackenzie Woodward.png

​House Captains


         Claire McAtee                     Lucy Wolfenden​

 McAtee.jpg​  Wolfenden.jpg


         Emily Jeffree                       Matthew Lombardo

 Jeffree.jpg  Lombardo.jpg


         Lachlan Chant                    Mia Freeman
Chant.jpg  Freeman.png


        Joel Foote                              Elysha Wade

 Foote.jpg  Wade.jpg