Meet the 2023 School Captains

​​​​​​​​​St John's College is proud to introduce our School Captains for 2023.  Mitchell Corboy, Angus Harry, Imogen Mollee and Layne Baldo​ck will be continuing to lead the St John's story for a new year while maintaining the legacy established by the Good Samaritan Sisters over 80 years ago.  This year our Captains have the challenge of incorporating and inspiring their peers to live a life based on the theme of 'Peace' from the charism of the Good Samaritan Sisters. 

Our captains are very keen to make the most of this year, and with the rest of the cohort, to continue to maintain the inclusiveness and compassion that makes their school community so strong and welcoming. 

“We're looking forward to giving back to a community that has provided us with so many priceless experiences and opportunities since we began high school at St John's."

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School Captains

         Mitchell Corboy                                  Angus Harry ​                        Imogen Mollee                           Layne Baldock

Corboy.png    Harry.png    Mollee.png    Baldock.png

Student Representative Captains

              Will Clements                               Claudia Dykes

 Clemewnts.png      Dykes.png

Pastoral Captains

              Lashaya King                             Caleb Schembri                             Georgie Pillar                            Mitchell Corboy

  King.png    Schembri.png    Pillar.png    Corboy.png

Sports Captains

           Isabella Leask                              Layne Baldock                        Cooper Thompson

  Leask.png    Baldock.png    Thompson.png

Prayer and Ritual Captains

      Ruby-Blue Weepers                     Imogen Mollee

 Weepers.png    Mollee.png

Arts Captains

           Alex Schjelde                              Jessica Hobbs                                Eva Matthews         

 Schjelde.png    Hobbs.png    Matthews.png

Stewardship and Culture Captains

              Jorja Luton                                   Leyna Sargent

 Luton.png    Sargent.png

Social Action Captains​

   Mikayla Montgomerie                             Abbey Lee

Montgomerie.png    Lee.png

Academic Captains

             Angus Harry                                Caitlin Hooper                         Isabella Norval

 Harry.png    Hooper.png    Norval.png

​House Captains


            Jasmin Duncan                               Adam Dunbar

 Duncan.png    Dunbar.png


           Ariana Callaghan                               Tarcio Jones

 Callaghan.png    Jones.png


             Kiah Gormley                               Elliana Longden
Gormley.png    Longden.png


         ​Charlotte Pfeiffer                          Phoebe Coleman

Pfeiffer.png    Coleman.png


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