Student Formation

​​​With the vision of creating confident, reflective and compassionate young people, who are committed to transforming the world through service and leadership, the college's Student Formation Program aims to provide students with the opportunity to grow through personal development.  Various events and activities are developed to strategically challenge students whilst in a supportive environment.  Challenges can be emotional, social, spiritual, and physical.  Every student faces different challenges at various times, and the college is committed to preparing and supporting students through these experiences.

It takes courage for students to step from the comfort zone into the fear zone. The college's clear Formation Plan from Year 7 to Year 12, provides the opportunity to build on previous experiences. We acknowledge this can be anxiety-provoking, yet through perseverance, students can enter the learning zone, where they develop creativity, problem-solving, independence, responsibility, confidence, and respectful relationships with their neighbour. The college's formation experiences equip them to handle change and ambiguity with more poise, leading to resilience and success as young adults.

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