Our surfing program is up and running for Term 1 2016. We have 34 students participating  with some new faces. We have four of the highest qualified coaches helping develop the skills of the group. One of our coaches, Brad Lee, has been instrumental in the development of Bella Nichols. Bella is a local Coolum girl who recently won the World Junior Surfing championship. It has also been great having the support of some of our parents who help out on the beach and also in the water.


Our students complete a warm up followed up with personalized instruction and feedback by the coaching staff. One thing I always request of students is to set a personal goal. It is great when students can turn that goal in to a reality. A number of our Year 12 and Year 11 students have attended every session since its inception in 2012. Congratulations to those boys and girls and their parents for their outstanding support.


Again, we could not run the program without the teaching staff. Tim Jones, John Cathcart, Amy Ring, John Calvo, Chris Brown. Ian Fenwick and Jasmine McCaul conduct the running group in the morning and provide our bus transport.​