Fr Francis Hefferan Memorial Bursaries & Awards

22nd July, 2019

The family of the late Rev Fr Francis Hefferan Parish Priest of Nambour Catholic Church set up a Benevolent Fund nearly two decades ago, specifically to reward young people for outstanding efforts in academia, the arts or other innovative pursuits and to encourage them to achieve their goals.

The Fund Committee that administers the Bursaries and Awards comprises representatives of community, schools and St Joseph's Parish.

Each year at this time young people between the ages of 15 and 25 years throughout the Sunshine Coast are invited to apply for cash Bursaries and Awards.

Please encourage the young people who are high achievers in their fields of expertise to apply. The Committee would be grateful if you would contact any outstanding students who graduated in previous years, and may have moved on to further studies/achievements in their fields of excellence.

Applications forms and all relevant information are available from the St Joseph's Parish website (main menu: Fr Hefferan Bursary)

An application form and information page will be emailed on request from St Joseph's Parish Office at

This is the 19th year of these Bursaries and Awards during which time $154,700 has been distributed to 177 young people to acknowledge outstanding effort in pursuits as diverse as  weight  lifting,  music, theatre and academic excellence.

Applications are now open with a closing date of Monday 26 August, 2019. 

If you have any questions or comments please contact me at the address below. I remain

Yours faithfully

Fr Graham Gatehouse Parish Priest