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After a HUGE 10 hour day at Verridale yesterday, Saturday 5 May, I can report that our Equestrian Team did really well in their events.
  • Lucy Versteegen - 2nd in 40 cm class
  • Peta Trigg - 4th in 60cm class
  • Chelsea Jeffries - 1st in 1m class
  • Peta Trigg - 4th in 1m class
  • Peta Trigg, Georgia Trigg and Chelsea Jeffries - 3rd in 80 cm teams even

Other participants included newbies Shae Potter and Scarlett Blanchett from Year 7, and Heath Egle our only boy on the team.

I was so proud of the way our older girls; Lucy and Peta in particular stepped up and mentored our Year 7 students.

Skye Rowe, Teacher at St John's College 

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