Meet the 2020 School Captains

​​​​St John's College is proud to introduce our School Captains for 2020.  Lachlan England, Bridget Quinn and Samina Reynolds will be continuing to lead the St John's story for a new year while maintaining the legacy established by the Good Samaritan Sister 80 years ago.  This year our Captains have the challenge of incorporating and inspiring their peers to live a life based on the theme of 'Prayer' from the charism of the Good Samaritan Sisters. 

Our captains are very keen to make the most of this year, and with the rest of the cohort, to continue to maintain the inclusiveness and compassion that makes their school community so strong and welcoming. 

“We're looking forward to giving back to a community that has provided us with so many priceless experiences and opportunities since we began high school at St John's."

Explore, transform and create your story at St John's College.


     Lachlan England                Bridget Quinn                Samina Reynolds        

 Lachlan England.pngBridget Quinn.jpgSamina Reynolds.jpg

Student Representative Captains

     Georgia Switala                  Alissa Burton

Georgia Switala.png  Alissa Burton.jpg

Induction Captains

       Alana Clarke                   Shay Lancaster                Samina Reynolds

Alana Clarke.jpg  Shay Lancaster.jpg Samina Reynolds.jpg

Sports Captains

      Ella Warren                       Gracie Wright

Ella Warren.jpg  Gracie Wright.jpg

Prayer and Ritual Captains

        Bridget Quinn                Georgia Switala

Bridget Quinn.jpg  Georgia Switala.png

Arts Captains

        Rosie Abt                        Ewan Cassidy               Charlotte Chesterman

Rosie Abt.jpg  Ewan Cassidy.jpg  Charlotte Chesterman.jpg

Publicity and Magazine Captain

        Alissa Burton

Alissa Burton.jpg 

Stewardship and Culture Captains

     Jasmin Peak                     Zoe Stielow

Jasmine Peak.jpg  Zoe Stielow.jpg

Social Action Captains​

    Indianna Frazier                Savannah Maas

Indianna Frazier.jpg  Sav Mass.jpg

Academic Captains

     Lachlan England             Jasmine Lohman

Lachlan England.png  Jasmine Lohman.jpg

​House Captains


    Abby McCullagh                 Jayden Stevens
Abby McCullagh.jpg  Jayden Stevens.jpg


         Zoe Hunter                     Izzey O'Hara

Zoe Hunter.jpg  Izzey O'Hara.jpg


    Charlotte Duncan                 Teah Hughes
Charlotte Duncan.png  Teah Hughes.jpg


     Ramsey Koch                      Milly Russell

RKoch.jpg  Milly Russell.jpg

​Year 11 House Captains


      ​Kailee Freeman                 Jack O'Leary

Kailee Freeman.png  Jack O'Leary.jpg


       Eliza Claridge                  Greta Gowen

Eliza Claridge.jpg  Greta Gowen.jpg


      Elias Clarke                        Billy Goulding

Elias Clarke.jpg  Billy Goulding.jpg


    ​Mackenzie Brown                Luke Murray

Mack Brown.jpg Jake Murray.jpg