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Welcome to St John’s College Tuckshop

The college operates the tuckshop with manager Sharon Brady overseeing the day to day operations with the wonderful assistance of Sharon Dillon and crew of volunteers.  Each day, students of St John’s are supplied with a wide range of healthy and nutritious food for breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, all made on site by Sharon, her staff and the very willing and friendly volunteers who help out every day.  The menu (attached below) is healthy, diverse, well-priced and very popular amongst students and staff.  There is also the ability to pre-order (order forms attached below) to avoid the long queues at lunch time.

For those parents willing to volunteer their precious time to the tuckshop, Sharon is very happy to work out times to suit everyone’s needs.  Please contact Sharon on her email or ring the office if you can volunteer your time.

On behalf of the St John’s community I would like to thank our tuckshop staff, the numerous volunteers and in particular Sharon for all the hard work in making our school tuckshop the successful venture we have currently operating in the college.

Mrs Kim Harrison

Business Manager 


Copy of Orderform.pdfOrderform.pdf