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SJC School Fees Policy 2018

SJC Payment and Refund Policy 2018


St John’s College Fees and Levies are comprehensive to allow our families to budget and set up payment plans. However, from time to time throughout your student’s enrolment ​additional payment will be necessary. Some of these items include (but not limited to) those below:

·         School Fees & Levies – As per School Fees Policy

·         Enrolment Application fee – Non-Refundable

·         Enrolment Bond – Refundable on request after the completion of year 12

·         Instrumental Music Program – As per Music Enrolment Form

·         Extra-Curricular Sport – Non-Refundable as per parent permission form


Any extensions or refund of an Agreed Payment must be negotiated with the Principal and/or Business Manager.

For further clarification regarding the above school fee and levy collection process, please
contact the college finance office.