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 Extracurricular Activities

To complete the education of your child, we offer a variety of opportunities for them to participate beyond the classroom.
These opportunities may be:


-  Orchestra  -  Public Speaking  -  Junior Performance Night 
-  Musical or Drama Production  -  Big Band  -  Friends of Room 12
-  Instrumental Music  -  Theatresports  -  Art Exhibition
-  Other Musical Ensembles  -  Drama  -  Dance Troupe
-  Sunshine Coast Schools' Drama Festival  -  Shakefest
Students have an opportunity to perform in concerts, competitions and at various College and Public Functions.


A wide variety of sports are offered depending on student  interest and needs.  New sports have been introduced each year in response to student requests.
Interschool Competitions exist for the following teams:
 -  Rugby Union  -  Netball  -  Basketball 
 -  Waterpolo  -  Australian Rules  -  Football (Soccer)
 -  Athletics  -  Swimming  -  Cross Country
 -  Equestrian  -  Surfing
Students may also compete in Knock-out Competitions for:
 -  Australian Rules  -  Touch Football  -  Rugby's 7  -  Football (Soccer)  -  Hockey
The College conducts annual Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals, from which school teams are selected to compete at Zone Schools’ Carnivals.
Outstanding Sportspeople have the opportunity to compete at District, Regional and State levels  in those sports in which they excel.
St John's College Sports Link:  Click Here

Student Committees

These committees provide opportunities for students to become involved in Liturgy, Magazine, the Stewardship, Social Action, the Arts and Peer Support areas.