Traffic Management Plan

Context of the School

St John's College, Nambour, is situated off Perwillowen Road – Drop off and pick up of students is on Perwillowen Road, with a crossing guard provided in the afternoon.

All students are required to be at school prior to the 8:30am bell at the start of the day, until the final bell for the close of school, which is 2:45pm.

Drop off/Pick up Areas

  • Perwillowen Road – Before and after school
  • Parking in bus zones is prohibited

Procedures for during school pick-ups or drop offs

  • Parents can drive students to the top carpark near reception to drop/collect students. 
  • 5km/h Shared Zone signs to be observed

Parent Parking

  • Parking is available on Perwillowen Rd for parents wishing to walk their child into the school grounds. 
  • Disabled parking is available in the bottom carpark near the MPC. 
  • During school time, parking is available for visitors/parents in the carpark near reception
  • Please ensure that all driveways and access points remain clear at all times. 

There are 'No Standing' areas in the bus zone on the round-about off Perwillowen Road.  Parking in these areas is strictly prohibited. 

Students Walking or Riding to School

  • It is required by law that all cyclists wear a helmet riding to and from school.
  • Parents and students need to be aware that Perwillowen Road is a busy and there are sections of the road with little shoulder for riding.
  • Cyclists must dismount their bikes at the College gate.
  • Bikes can be store at MPC level on the grassed area near the picnic table.

Students leaving the school grounds at the end of the day, must follow all road rules and wear helmets..

Staff Carparking

  • Staff carparking is on MPC level
  • All signs for 5km/h Shared Zone must be obeyed
  • Staff must not park on walkways or across access areas
  • Staff should time their departure and arrival outside of peak times i.e. 8.15am – 8.30am & 2.45pm - 3pm

Ground Staff Movement

  • All signs for 5km/h Shared Zone must be obeyed
  • Limit vehicle movement during peak periods and including 8.15am – 8.30am & 2.45pm - 3pm and lunch breaks.
  • Seatbelts to be worn at all time
  • Vehicles to be secured when not attended.
  • All road rules to be followed when moving around and outside the College.