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Great Year 12 Results

I would like you all to have knowledge of our excellent year 12 results.

Congratulations to Year 12 on their outstanding results. We were always very confident that their scholastic results would match and outclass their other outstanding achievements in sport, culture, arts and leadership.

This year has certainly been one to remember at St. John's and the year 12 contribution to the academic, sporting, cultural, religious and leadership culture of the college has been extraordinary. The partnerships of home and school have paid huge dividends and I would like you to, in a modest way of course, let as many people as you can know about the success of year 12 at St. John's, 2011.

Three students attained OP1 ranking and many others achieved great results. I have listed the the top OP 1-5 results below as well as the extraordinary % 's achieved by year 12 OP students:

OP 1: Kylie Willersdorf, Trent Kenny, Nicholas Snels

OP 2: Olivia Bancroft, Josh Pobar,

OP 3: Tiona McMenamin, Katelyn White, Lauren Edmonds, Meg Fielding

OP 4: Julia Nilon, Sophie Oshea, Monica Tumulty, Khym Wheldon, Kelly Edwards

OP5: Kirsty Small, Mitchell Blundell, Darcy Collier,

And how about these stats: 91.2% between 1-15 51.2% between 1-10 17.5% between 1-4 21.2% between 1-5

These results as a group are outstanding and much is due to the hard work and efforts over two years by students and teachers and the concerted efforts by staff involved in delivering QCS practices and strategies - as tedious as this may have seemed.

At the beginning of the year Mr Ford announced that it was going to be project 80 and we pushed this to project 85 as a target to achieve for % of students between 1-15. We always had high hopes that this would be closer to 90% and it is now a reality.

Students who pursued a non-OP pathway have also achieved some excellent results with attainment of Certificates, Apprenticeships, and solid results in SAS subjects.

I am very proud of all Year 12 students not just in their achievements but for who they are and who they have become.

God bless to all and my wish is that they carry this success through to the new endeavours of life.

Chris Gold