Sunshine Coast Dance Eisteddfod

​​Junior Dance Eisteddfod 1.jpg 

Our students represented St John's College superbly well at the Sunshine Coast Dance Eisteddfod on Friday, 4th May. The competition was very strong and the students really held their own.

The Junior group performed a jazz routine for which they scored 84/100 and were awarded 'Highly Commended'.  There were 9 dancers in this group, comprised of mostly Year 7s, with one Year 8 and one Year 9.  Please congratulate: Molly Vogler, Layne Baldock, Lani Geppert, Makala Kendall, Kyla Smith, Jessica Solonec, Hazel Walker, Ariana Callaghan and Paige Eising.

The senior group performed a contemporary routine were given 85/100.  Please congratulate: Elly Scanlon, Ruby Glover, Chloe Nelson, Erin Fadian, Zoe Hunter, Lucy Tait, Jayda Burdette and Hannah Gleeson.

I am so proud of all students for their dedication, hard work and impeccable behaviour at the Eisteddfod. 

​Jane Hughes, Dancing Teacher at St John's College

Senior Dance Eisteddfod 1.jpg