Meet the 2017 School Captains

St John’s College is proud to introduce our School Captains for 2017.  Bailey Gray, Maggie Primmer, Tigi Johnson and Daniel Maher will be continuing to lead the college and maintain the legacy established by the Good Samaritan Sisters 77 years ago.  This year our Captains have the challenge of incorporating and inspiring their peers to live a life based on the College’s value of “Word of God” from the charism of the Good Samaritan Sisters.  Our Captains have already impressed our community through their enthusiasm, service, respect and compassion and will embody these as they continue to ensure that the ‘Word of God is living and active.’ Hebrews 4: 12

As student leaders they will strive to serve our school and community and to do their best to help their peers to work hard at further developing academic, cultural, sporting, spiritual and community involvement throughout the year.  In 2017, our leaders’ goal is to encourage all students and staff to reach their full potential.

 School Captains 2017 007.JPG​​