SJC Free Parent Seminar Wednesday 23rd June



Dear Parents,

You would have seen in last week's Newsletter information we have a very special opportunity for our parenting community.  I have copied the article and details below, and attached the flyer.  Please consider taking up this opportunity as research shows, despite what you might feel,  you have the most influence over your child.


“In a family, parents, grandparents and children feel at home; no one is excluded. If someone has a problem, even a serious one, even if (they) brought it upon himself, the rest of the family comes to (their) assistance; they support him." Pope Francis.


Being a parent is the hardest, yet most rewarding job in the world.  Every child is different and needs to be loved in different ways.  What may have worked for one child, does not mean it will be successful with another.  We understand these difficulties and would like to offer support to our parenting community.  We have a seminar planned for Wednesday 23rd June at 5.00 – 6.00 pm.  Our guest presenter, Glen Gerreyn is a positive and dynamic speaker who makes his audience feel positive about their parenting, empowered to back themselves and comfortable in taking a stand as a parent when the occasion arises.

We invite all parents to take up this fantastic opportunity and top up your 'parent toolbox'.  More information is located on the Parent Portal and via email. 

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