Athletics Carnival 2017

Athletics Carnival from a Student’s Perspective.
The St John’s athletics carnival, like any other event at SJC, is abundant with the spirit and house comradery that all the students have. The day started with our acknowledgment of Country, the National Anthem and the newly added house march. Each house, Melaleuca, Banksia, Casuarina and Acacia have the chance to show case just how united their house can be and how hungry each student is for their house to win the trophy. With Banksia coming out strong after the house march they were the team to beat! With students rushing between events, it was wonderful to see just how many people were willing to give something a go, even though they might not be good at it. Throughout the day, there were tears, there was sweat and there were sacrifices but all in all it turned out to be a ripper of a day! Although there were some minor injuries from the high jump bar or a slip at the starting line, everyone still had smiles on their faces. For those that could not compete they were helping around the grounds. Everything from ‘manning’ the barbeque to raking the long jump pit, if something needed to be done they were there to help. As the day came to a close and all the worn-out faces gathered their things, we waited in anticipation to hear who had claimed the athletics trophy. And, no surprise here, it was Banksia! To see the effort that all the students and teachers put into this day for it to turn out so amazingly is really quite wonderful. So, THANKYOU!

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