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At St John's College we provide quality education in an environment that nurtures children in their Catholic faith.

St John's College is an outstanding inclusive co-educational Catholic High School administered by Brisbane Catholic Education.  St John's has a current enrolment of 765 students and is staffed by professional, experienced, passionate and dedicated teachers.  St John's has been established for thirty five years on its present site and seventy five years as a Catholic secondary school in Nambour, and has a fine tradition of scholastic, cultural, sporting and extra-curricaul success.

Congratulations to Year 12, 2014 on their excellent OP results.

The Graduating class of 2014 worked extremely hard during the year and they have been justly rewarded.  The partnerships of home and school have paid huge dividends again and we continue to reinforce the strength and reputation of St John's College as an academically successful school.
I have listed the top OP 1-10 results below (42 students out of 72 OP eligible students) as well as the excellent percentages of OP rankings achieved by Year 12 OP students:

24% of OP eligible students received an OP1-5, 58% received an OP 1-10 and  89% received an OP1-15. St. John's was 5 points above State average on the QCS data and this is also outstanding and played a large part in the high ranking OP results. 

This is again another outstanding result for Johnnies students and compares very favourably with the best in the state and is again above the average for BCE schools.

As we are well aware, St. John's does not offer academic scholarships nor is it selective and these results are again indicative of value adding to a students achievements at St. John's. Staff are to be congratulated on their passion, professionalism and expertise and their contribution to these results.

OP 1:  Hannah McNaught
OP 2:  Lachlan Brown, Jayden Fitsimon
OP 3:  Sophie Wheeler, Lily Quirin,Lauren Hodges, Sally-Anne Rusell,Alice Ashby

OP 4:  Olivia Brumm, Isabella    Wight,Tom Lee,Sarah Finley-Strong
OP 5:  Hayden Lynch,Tom Jones,Pat Nolan,Lewis Griggs,Jacob Farrelly
OP 6:  Bree Thomas, Selina Strazzari, Jack Foley, Sam Roff, Laura Wade
OP 7:  Nick Quinn, Abbey Pringle, Mitch Kelly, Peter Littlejohn, Pat Sutton, Hatden Venz, Kristy Dowe, Leanne Filocamo
OP 8:  Brittany Irvine,Connor Barbi,Chloe McKeown, Luke McInney, Anna Marques, Tegan Duggan
OP 9:  Tristan Wasmund,Joe Bunter, Zac Epstein, Maria Savage
OP 10: Natasha Buckland, Lauren Magdalinski

The lowest score was an OP 18 and considering that the range is from 1-25 this too is quite outstanding. 

Other notable achievements were 62 students completed a Cert I, 25 students completed a Cert II, 11 students completed a Cert III, 1 student completed a Cert IV and 1 student completed a University subject. 
Well done to all staff, parents, carers and students. 
Chris Gold

Enrolment Guidelines

Please open the link to Catholic Education Council Policy Statement:

The process of enrolment is to be guided by principles of justice and equity.  Consideration for enrolment of students will be based on a combination of the following:

  • Catholic baptism

  • Catholic families

  • Acceptance of the ethos and mission of a Catholic school

  • Family and sibling involvement at the school

  • Parents and child with parish involvement

  • Attendance at a Catholic primary school

  • School support eg. enthusiasm, commitment of student and involvement of parents in school life

  • Reference from primary school - especially regarding appropriate relationships and behaviour

NB:  Outstanding fee debt at other Brisbane Catholic Education schools must be resolved prior to enrolment confirmation.



Enrolment dates and information:

  • Year 7 2016 Information Night is Tuesday 10 March, 2015, 7pm
  • Year 7 2016 interviews take place from Monday 23 March to Friday 3 April, 2015
  • Enrolment packs will be distributed to St Joseph's and Stella Maris in early March 2015
  • Enrolment packs will be available early in 2015
  • Parents with students already at St John's who have a Year 7 student for 2016 will need to ring the office for an enrolment pack as siblings as not automatically enrolled.
  • Only 120 places are available for Year 7s 2016
  • Interviews are scheduled for the following days and times: 

 ​Interview Days for Year 6s entering Year 7 in 2016.

Monday 23 March 2015
Tuesday 24 March 2015
Wednesday 25 March 2015
Thursday 26 March 2015
Friday 27 March 2015
Monday 30 March 2015
Tuesday 31 April 2015
Wednesday 1 April 2015
Thursday 2 April 2015

Special arrangements are available on request


Each interview involves an informal meeting between parent(s), student and a member of the Senior Administration Team.  This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the College.  It is also a chance for us to get to know your family.

An offer of a place is then posted to you.

Please return the Application for Enrolment form and all documentation required on the checklist to the College office. You will be contacted once we have received your application to arrange an interview.  (Feeder schools have kindly offered to send the Principal’s Reference to St John’s College on your behalf if you ask them to complete the form for your son/daughter).

Below are PDFs of information you will need in order to apply for enrolment.

PROSPECTUS 2016 for email use.docx.pdfPROSPECTUS.pdf

Privacy Policy Final 280214 Comms (2).pdfPrivacy Policy.pdf

Enrolment Confirmation - BCE Collection Notice Form.pdfEnrolment Confirmation - BCE Collection Notice Form.pdf